Franchise Investor Advisory, Planning and Projection

We offer our expertise in formulating service budgets, forecasts and operational plans by implementing effective and sleek cost saving measures to ensure improved profitability. We strive to achieve win-win situation for all our clients with our sharp and enhanced business plans. We meticulously plan the forecasts for relevant financial details such as break-even sales, cash flow metrics, anticipated sales and the profits to be utilized. We believe optimum utilization of financial and operational data is the key to providing forecasts with greater accuracy.

Franchise Business Development

With our extensive background in marketing and customer engagement, we bring to the table the considerable market insights which would benefit greatly in laying out, lean yet effective, business development strategies. Our forte is to utilize our resources to build the business network with a long term view. With our genuine intentions and transparent practices, we offer concrete growth in terms of profitability and further future prospects to our clients. We continually assess and optimize our business strategies to deliver constant growth cycles to our clients.


We specifically put our efforts into devising effective brand strategy and customer management plans to build a strong relationship with our customers. Our cross-functional collaborations for better customer identification, contact management, campaign management, product management and lead management help us market our client’s brand most efficiently. We devise specific segmentation plans and strategies for the franchisee benefit, especially in the constantly changing market structure.

Channel Development and Management

When it comes to developing new channels and maintaining existing channels we provide focused and consistent partner management services. Right from defining and managing sales strategy to conceptualizing and setting up of low cost channels across product lines. Our team’s objective is to create true alignment of channel management to sales strategy by streamlining the process for defining and adhering to best practices for maintaining partner relationships. By defining key areas of focus, we set achievable benchmarks and provide a one-team environment to engage channel partners in the best possible manner.

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